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"you're eyes shine through me, you are so divine to me..."

hey whats up. i havent updated in fuckin forever. well lifes good. kinda busy with the job at the childrens place and shit. weekends are good. getting drunk. blazed. all of the above. well so im going to Champlain next year in Burlington, i cant fuckin wait. its gonna be so awesome. my best friends coming with so a piece of home will be right with me through everything. me and heath wanna get a house soph. year which would be awesome. her brother sean might be our roomie too which wouldbe soooo much fun. that kid is so funny. "that tickles, elmo likes kosher pickles" but yeah i cant wait until next year. but i also cant wait to fuckin get drunk with my friends this whole summer and omg i just cant wait until summer and the cape. awww so soon yet so far. well im gonna go to bed. im fucking tired and drunk and amazngly surprised how well i typed this whole thing. it was like meant to be that i wrote this entry. well goodnight and sleep tight. i love you all.
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