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You're a Mercury mama: You're smart, funny, and an
ace communicator. Basically, you love to talk!
But rather than try to be in the spotlight,
you're more at home running the show from
behind the scenes. Easily distracted and highly
self-critical, you're the first to admit you
waste time worrying about what you haven't done
yet. You think the world of your buds, but you
don't always show it. Because spending too much
time alone depresses you, you burn up the
telephone lines for hours when you're by
yourself. You love a good debate, and you're
totally psyched whenever you find a truly
clever person with whom to have one. You always
go for brains over brawn. So there's got to be
a meeting of the minds between you and a guy
before there can be a meeting of the lips. At
times your need to be in control keeps you from
letting loose and allowing yourself to get
close to someone. But a warm guy with a great
sense of humor (and tons of patience) wins you
over every time!

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