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...i was wondering, if i could take you home...

so i haven't update in a wicked long time, so i figured i would today. the first, what?, two weeks of summer have been AMAZING! the three b's is all i need: beer, boys, and beach. i knew on the last day of school it would be a sick summer because of ben's party. and well i couldnt tell yah what i did last week, but this past monday i went down the cape with jill and emily j and it was the campground was wicked chill. it was in sandwich which was awesome, since i know my way around there. we went to the beach on tuesday. i got SO MUCH color it was great. and then that night i beat my own record...i drank fuckin 18 beers in one night! yes thats right, and i did not puke!!!!!!!!!!! haha but then again it was over a course of probably 10-12 hours. that was agoo time. then wednesday we came home. that night i just chilled. then thursday, i got my car!!!! wahoo! im on the road! and then i went down the cape again. and then fridy i picked up sash in w.dennis and then she sleptover my place, and i friggen dropped my phone in the ocean so its all discombobbled. and then we came home yesterday morning and chilled by the pool. and since it was sasha's birthday, we went to joeys grandmas house to swim and booze, and sasha got HAMMERED!! and i mean SLOPPY!!! haha and on the way home at like probably 1:30, we took madison street and there were these cars just chillin in the road with their brake lights on and i yelled out my window just like a "woo hoo!" and they start following us crazily, by like swervng and shit and flashing their high beams, so we finally get to the end of the street and head on to route one and they both pass us, so i pull up next to them and sasha flashes them!!!! it was probably one of the funniest things in my life. but yeah so then we went to her house and fell asleep. and now i'm here. tonight= unknown. i want to do something with like everyone i miss. i miss locker buds and my deca buds. but done with this.
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