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...praying hard for better days, promise to hold on...

so yesterday i felt like shit last period. i came home from school and thought it was just normal pains, and then i took my temperture just for the hell of it. yup...101.4. i'm sick, great...i had so many friggen tests today, but i just couldnt go in. it probably wouldve been a really bad day if i did go in. but instead of getting my flower in homeroom, i decided to sleep. what a good decison. but the only thing that sucks now, is that i feel fine now, and i want to go out tonight but i cant. ahhh. oh well.

i dont know whats been wrong with me lately, but ive been getting so mad at myself because my best friends have been pissing me off lately and its nothing they do, its just how i react to it. and its not only my best friends but like everyone around me. ive been feeling like such an outsider. i feel like i dont fit in, and that no one like cares about me and i dont know why i think that. ive been taking too many things into perspective lately and ive been second guessing myself and i dont know. and i find myself hating more and more people everyday, and thats not how i want to be, but i guess i have all this anger built up inside me for reasons which i do not know, but idk. im just not happy with myself right now, and hopefully this vacation will bring me back to the person i am and love to be.
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