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...i dont mind falling down and scraping up my knee, scars+stitches always fade+only stregthen me...

well today was a good day. got to sleep late because of the late arrival. get to school, go to homeroom....see my hot student homeroom teacher, still dont know his name, but hes very cute and very personable. i never noticed how much i missed having older guys in the school until all the student teachers came. i was watching the MTV True ife: I'm Going to Prom, and i looked at the kids they followed, and it just blew me away because they all looked so much older than everyone at KP. i think that living in a small town has a lot to do with it. i mean if you think about it, we're secluded kinda. we dont have a great amount of differences in our school. KP has around 1000 students in all 4 grades, when in Orlando they have like 1000 in each grade. in ways...i like it better. but i think it would be cool to go to like a huge school where you could meet like a new person every day. and the only thing that sucks is to think that i will never be able to experience high school over again. it is what it is and thats all it will ever be. so far...i'm happy with how its turning out, theres no use being disappointed with it.
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