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well last night definately had to be the most fun night i have ever had with just girls! it was just so fun! anyways heres what happened...

at 6, Heather came over and we just chilled for a little bit before Erin, Sasha, and Sam came over. so once they came...the night began. we played a lovely game of asshole, which probably lasted for like a half hour, haha. but then we left for the game, except Erin had other plans so she left us and Heather drove us to the game. now this was probably the best part...we were just all retarded. when we got to the game we were losing by a lot, but whatever, 3 minutes left to go so whatever. we heard mr.rice tell people we had to stay there until franklin was all out, so that wasnt happening so we left, then we came back to my house to the surprise of Ralph and Joey Zah in the basement. so yah know,we just got completey trashed by the end of the night. it was just so fun. i love hanging out with those girls.

anyways...tonight should be so much fun!!! this is gonna be such a good weekend. i can feel it.
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