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Tr a CY0 1 3 7 (5:05:51 PM): me and erin are looking for something to do
JennaL919 (5:06:01 PM): is she there?
Tr a CY0 1 3 7 (5:06:21 PM): no
Tr a CY0 1 3 7 (5:06:26 PM): shes cleaning her car
JennaL919 (5:06:42 PM): yeah that would explain her away message, sorry im a dumbass

ECR624 (5:00:05 PM): so yesterday i was gettin ready and i had to get a tank top on the back of the door but my dad's shirt was hangin on top of it so i took it off and i just threw it on the kitchen table...
Tr a CY0 1 3 7 (5:00:24 PM): oh god
Tr a CY0 1 3 7 (5:00:30 PM): i see where this is going
ECR624 (5:01:22 PM): not realizing there was a candle burning on the table=-O, so i'm talkin on the phone and all of the sudden i look down and my dad's shirt is in flames, i didn't know what the hell to do so i just sat there and wasl ike AHHHHHHHHH, then i realized duh water puts out fire, so i ran over to the sink grabbed a cup of water and splashed it on the shirt....
ECR624 (5:01:37 PM): my dad's shirt is ruined, there's smoke, the tablecloth's ruined, it was just a big mess
ECR624 (5:01:42 PM): next thing i know the fire alarm goes off
Tr a CY0 1 3 7 (5:02:08 PM): oh wow i can just picture you
ECR624 (5:02:36 PM): so my dad was sick up in bed, he comes down and is like what the fuck's going on, i'm sittin there like not knowing whether to laugh orr cry, he's yelling at me cuz his shirt's ruined and i was like HELLO THE HOUSE COULD HAVE BURNT DOWN
ECR624 (5:02:43 PM): it was not a fun day in the renner house

well tonight: plans...UNKNOWN. me and erin are looking to do something! maybe we'll just be gay like we always are and videotape it this time so we can watch all the funny lil things. im in love with my camera and marijuana.
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